Some Common Dance Forms Effective for Losing Extra Fat/ Kilos
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Some Common Dance Forms Effective for Losing Extra Fat/ Kilos

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Dancing will help in lifting mood since it helps in making you flexible. Not only that, it will enhance your heart and lung condition, it is also a fun activity since you will be able to lose weight. If you are bored with practicing simple exercise, you can undoubtedly include a dance regime in your daily workout schedule.

Dance is one of the most common art forms, and for years, it has been evolving for centuries. According to the studies, someone who weighs 47 kilos burns 240 calories just by practicing dancing. Here are some of the common dance forms is undoubtedly that helps in losing extra kilos.

Freestyle move

The freestyle dance is a common and most loved dance form since it does not require any particular step to follow. All you need is a smooth body flexing and movements. Normally, this movement is made on quick upbeat music, and you have to make spontaneous movements accordingly. If you are concerned about losing those extra pounds, it is best to enroll in the best dance classes in Vasant Kunj.  

Learning freestyle dancing will undoubtedly help you become flexible and let’s not ignore the amount of calories you will lose over time. Performing freestyle dancing continuously for thirty minutes approximately burns almost 180 calories.

Belly dancing

You are mistaking if you think belly dancing is an easy dance form. Belly dancing involves moving and flexing the torso, which is undoubtedly a complex task. All you have to do is practice belly dancing for more than 30 minutes. It will eventually help you to burn almost 300 calories. Well, belly dancing is one of the common and popular dance form in Arabic.

Some of the wedding choreography in Vasant Kunj teaches belly dancing. Practicing belly dancing helps toning your back, abs, and hips. Even though belly dance is a low-impact dance, it is quite effective. Therefore, it is good to opt for belly dancing since it is useful in losing extra pounds.

Bollywood moves

The Bollywood dance form includes fast hands as well as quick leg movements. Hence, you can expect to shed weight drastically. Moreover, the Bollywood dance form help in enhancing the longevity of your heart as well as lungs. Besides, Bollywood dance moves is useful in burning calories. Due to this reason, you can enroll in wedding choreography in Vasant Kunj.

Hip-hop moves

Also known as the street style dancing move, the hip-hop dance form is mainly practiced on the hip-hop music. Practicing a high-energy workout helps in burning calories. All you can do is perform hip-hop dance for thirty minutes every day. You will notice a significant change in your weight loss journey. Therefore, you can join the hip-hop dance classes since it can be an excellent choice.


Dancing is something that is interesting not only alone but also with your partner. If you and your partner want to make a difference and enjoy dance moves together, it is better to learn salsa. This dance form is quite popular throughout the world and can be your excellent choice for you and your partner. It is a sensual Latin American dance, which aids in burning maximum calories.

This popular dance form includes swaying, swirling, and other dance forms. All these things help in making your body flexible. Some of the best dance classes in Vasant Kunj teaches salsa, which is definitely beneficial since it will help in making your body flexible. Performing salsa for one hour helps in burning 420 calories.

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